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A traditional camera is a device adapted to expose the photosensitive material, placed the camera inside a wound membrane cartridge exchange membranes cut, or a glass plate. Today the film cameras are being replaced by periapical digital cameras, where the light-sensitive element is a matrix of photoelectric elements.

The digital camera captures an image similar to the information in the computer's memory. Its advantage is that the resulting images can be easily changed on the computer and then printed in any number of copies.

Memory cards used in a digital camera as a data carrier can accommodate many more images than photographic film, therefore, photographing with a digital camera is cheaper. In addition, you can delete failed images.

Compact cameras are characterized by their compact design and small size, and a significant simplification and automatisation. Small size pickups and thus a very short focal length lenses used cause that these devices are characterized by a large depth of field, which in turn causes that sometimes does not apply to these systems focus. Historically speaking, it is the small size of the first lens converters and digital cameras led to introducing them to the market it was decided to adapt to this very popular at that time, the form of the traditional compact cameras. During the development of digital compacts took on many forms, from the most miniaturized handheld devices with a thickness of a few to several millimeters, to complex both in terms of adjustability available to the user as well as the size and lens arrays, thereby placing them close to the border of assigning them to a bridge camera camera.

There are also other types of digital cameras such as digital rangefinder camera, digital medium format camera, but they are rarely used.

Digital cameras tend to be embedded in other devices, usually mobile phones (including laptops). Although the resolution back up to 12 megapixels, the quality matrix (noise), especially optics devices usually resolves firmly dedicated to photography.


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